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Creative Action
Playback Theater

Open Invitation event!

Tuesday Aug 3 at 7pm

Creative Action Unlimited studio

Are you interested in finding new and different ways to honor people's stories and build community? You are invited to join Creative Action Playback for an introduction to Playback Theater. This is a casual event with food.

We are looking to expand our performing company and our performance opportunities in the community. (You do NOT have to be an experienced actor to perform Playback - many Playback actors are teachers, human services workers, etc.)

So...what is Playback Theater?

It is theater created through a unique collaboration between performers and audience. Someone tells a story or moment from their life, chooses actors to play the different roles, and then watches as their story is immediately recreated and given artistic shape. The power of Playback can be hard to describe and we want you to have the chance to experience and observe its benefits.

If you decide you'd like to be considered for inclusion in our company, we'd love to talk to you about it. If you attend just to see what makes a Playback performance different from other improv, theater or storytelling events, great! Or if you just want an opportunity to connect with others for an hour, that's fine too.

We hope you will consider joining us for an evening filled with food, fun, and community.


Please note! Creative Action Unlimited is following COVID safety protocol, so please plan to bring your vaccination card for admission to this event. Thanks so much for helping to keep each other safe! 

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The film of
Whitewashed: the racism project


Premiering in October 2021!

Directed by Michael Kennedy

Cinematography by Jamel Mosely

Performed by Archie, D. Colin, Diaka Kaba Hill, Zoe Lewis, Aaron Moore and Siobhan Shea


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The Climb

Premiering in November 2021!

Directed by Michael Kennedy

Assistant Director: Maghen Ryan

Cinematography by John Romeo

Performed by Kristoph DiMaria,  Jae Gayle, Michael Lake, Elisheva Malfatto, Tony Pallone, Sara Paupini, Eleah Peal, David Quinones and Siobhan Shea

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a docudrama about homelessness

Film currently available to license by community groups, faith communities and educational organizations

Co-directed by Stephanie Weber Remmert & Michael Kennedy with cinematography by Logan Rando

Cast: Diaka Kaba-Hill, Michael Kennedy, Tim Martin, Giulia Pezzulo, Siobhan Shea, Stephanie Weber Remmert

Contact msmichaelkennedy@gmail.com for licensing information