Inner Mission Mapping


A unique, practical, affordable process, appropriate for anyone in a transition, wanting to expand their involvement in the activities closest to their heart, or to deepen their connection to a particular aspect of their lives.


Each map is a living document, reflecting the shifting goals, experiences and challenges of the individual who creates it. The map serves as a chronicle of progress, reminder of tasks to complete, visual record of the flow of energy among ideas, vision board, and record of the ever-increasing network of allies available for support and guidance. 


                     A few examples of Inner Mission Maps...


           "The ways in which we approach stereotypes and reality through imagery (mapping) have helped me readdress issues of communication, compassion, and understanding.  Using social and gender identity (constructive and deconstructive), I've really enjoyed my work with Michael to explore the possibilities of a future relationship."   -DB                                  

"I'm  finding out my true passions and career goals."  -SR                                                 

"I want to have a vision board and act on it, rather than wish for it."  -JS  

"My map's focus is "moving forward and breaking through": going from being trapped in jobs I have which pay the bills - to evolving, discovering, and doing my life's work"  - PF


"I'm in search of a higher power and I'm mapping my quest for a more spiritual life."                                                                        - SM


What clients are saying...

"Michael comes with decades of experience working with people from many walks of life, struggles, aspirations and healing.  This is more than just a resumé, though - she gets it.  Having worked with her both one-on-one and with groups, I have seen Michael's ability to connect across personality and cultural spectrums.  

She meets people where they are today, and will gently but firmly encourage, so you leave each session with practical, effective action to move forward."

                                 Pete Furlong


                                 Albany NY




"I have been mapping with Michael for 4 years and my life has changed for the better. My first map was a large red map that I put up in my living room and within days it looked like a police investigation board with many things connecting to each other. During the first year,  the large map was very helpful, but then I needed something portable -  because I had ideas flowing all the time. I switched to a notebook for a while and glued different things inside it and wrote ideas with markers. Recently I went back to using a smaller map on the wall, using scrap booking pages. Although I have used different methods,  I have always made progress  In the past four years I have done things that I never thought possible. I highly recommend Inner Mission Mapping to anyone!"

         Stephanie Weber Remmert


                                         Albany NY


“I am a successful self-employed business woman. But it wasn't always like that for me. I kept thinking I was too old to do something new. During the mapping I started getting some hope and energy back. With one-on-one help with Michael, there was a lot of support and accountability. This was an excellent experience for me to put in my tool box for life. I highly recommend mapping with Michael”

                              Jane Samberg

                           Walkin' the Dog

                                     Albany NY

“Inner Mission Mapping is a holistic and deeply personal process that has enabled me to find stronger purpose not only in my employment, but also in my own art, and brought a new consciousness to my approach toward social and personal issues.”

                         Tristan Bouchard

 Wellesley Theatre Project, MA

"I am transitioning from homeschooling parent to something new and my map provides me with a way to explore/describe my interests, values, and abilities specifically where they intersect."  - AB