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Carry Your Heart

by Michael Kennedy

Topic: Suicide Prevention


An original script based on interviews with 6 individuals affected by suicide.


Described by audiences as "powerful drama", "excellent, moving and thought-provoking", "poignant, honest and important", "well executed and acted."


Running Time: 45 minutes



Any Addict

by Michael Kennedy

Topic: Addiction and Recovery


Recovering addicts share stories about the devastation of addiction and their growth in recovery. Based on interviews with 18 recovering addicts from the Capital Region


Described by audiences as "inspiring and powerful", "a great piece for the whole community", "moving and honest."


Running Time: 45 minutes




SRO: Single Room Occupancy

by Michael Kennedy

Topic: Poverty/homelessness


Set in a single room occupancy for women in downtown Albany, SRO: Single Room Occupancy follows three residents as they struggle to avoid homelessness, keep the support they receive and work toward improving their daily lives. 

Described by audiences as "breathtaking, realistic and  gripping", and "a compelling story with moving performances."


Running Time: 50 minutes




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Taken In

by Michael Kennedy

Topic: Child Sex Trafficking

A documentary theater performance based on interviews with survivors, law enforcement, child welfare workers and local media, designed to educate and motivate action about local child sex trafficking.

Described by audiences as "stunning", "important" and "eye-opening."


Running Time: 45 minutes

Whitewashed: the racism project

written by Michael Kennedy and the cast

Topic: Racism

Directed by Michael Kennedy


An original documentary theater performance, based on Black history, current events, and the personal experiences of the cast.


Described by audiences as "a game changer", "an honor to witness", "intense, powerful and important."


Running Time: 75 minutes, followed by a 15 minute talk back

Playback Theater

Available as a supplement to scripted performances or as a full performance


Playback is a form of improvisational theater that allows audience members to share stories from their own lives and see them played back as theater, on the spot. Following a scripted theater performance, it provides the audience an opportunity to share their personal feelings and memories related to the topic.


Full performances of Playback Theater are appropriate for special events that commemorate life transitions, including birthday celebrations, goodbye parties, and memorials. Playback is also a wonderful addition to staff retreats and conferences, and an effective method for processing organizational and community challenges.


Running Time:

Supplement to scripted performances: 30 minutes

Full performance: 90 minutes

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